Ready to find out what will make you
REALLY want to get out
of bed in the morning?

For years, you’ve been supporting other people’s dreams.

It’s time to pay attention to your own agenda.
It’s time to make YOUR mark on the world.
It’s time to figure out what change you want to make.

You just don’t know where to start or how to get there.

I’m building my missions: accepted community just for you…

Does this sound like you?

Imagine how it would feel if instead...

That’s why I created missions: accepted…
for women like you.

The chances are that you are in your 40s or 50s and somewhere along the way you have fallen out of love with your job. You feel you’re spending all your time making sure everyone else is happy – your boss, the customers, your family (perhaps even the dog!) – and have lost sight of what matters to you.

And what matters to you is doing SOMETHING that will have a positive impact on a world that seems to be becoming ever-more fragile. You want to find the thing that will help repair it, just a little bit. Your want to be part of the solution, even though you don’t know what that is yet.

And while it may scare you, you know it’s now or never.
You want to take on a mission and see it through.
You want to make a difference.

Are you ready to accept YOUR mission?

The missions: accepted group coaching programme brings together women who know it’s time to embrace their mission… even though they don’t quite know what it is yet. 

Signing up to missions: accepted will give you…

Missions come in all shapes and sizes – from something that is important to you and your loved ones, to something that may have global impact. We can start small or go big. What’s important is that it feels right for you. And once we know what your mission is, then we will make sure you have the confidence and courage you need to put it into action.

This programme will support you in harnessing all your passions, skills and experience to figure out your mission and make it happen.

Regular Missions

Explore what drives you, envision your success and map out your path with a proven, structured programme of exercises and techniques.

Group Coaching

Every two weeks, we come together online for you to share your wins, ask for support with your wobbles and define your next steps. You will not be doing this on your own.


Being accountable to me and the group ensures you don't end up becoming distracted and losing sight of your mission. Choose the level that works best for you.

Community Groups

You will also have the support of our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Post every day if that's what it takes to keep you 'on mission'. We will be there.

Hi! I'm Suzi, your personal strategy coach.

I don’t like waste.
 I don’t like wasting water. I don’t like wasting money. And I especially don’t like the waste of human potential.

And when I see amazingly talented women hiding their potential, minimising their voices and giving all their energy to other people’s dreams, I want to scream.

Having worked as an international news journalist for 20 years, I’ve spent much of my lifetime paying attention to women’s stories – and I know how much they are capable of.

 Now I use all the tools and techniques I have developed as a qualified transformational life coach to support and champion women who are ready to step up and play bigger in the world – even when they don’t quite know how to get started!

That’s my mission. Let’s figure out yours.


If you're wondering if I'm the right person to coach you through this journey, it may help to hear from others who have worked with me...

What's your investment?

Your investment is £595 for lifetime access to the programme. This includes fortnightly group coaching sessions, regular pre-recorded missions, and ongoing opportunities to ask questions through the community Facebook and WhatsApp groups. My regular individual coaching sessions are £125 per hour, so this represents excellent value.

We get started in...


The usual investment is £495 for 12-months access to the programme. But, if you take advantage of the Earlybird offer and sign up before midnight Sunday 22nd January, 2023, you will only pay £445. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this magnificent community for more than 10% off.

  • Full Price £495

    This is what you will pay from January 23rd, 2023.

  • Early Bird Pricing £445

    Available until midnight January 22nd, 2023

Earlybird pricing ends in...


What's included...

Special New Year Bonus

Sign up before midnight on January 5th and you will receive a special 1-2-1 kick-off session with me in January. We'll explore where you're at and where you are hoping to get to over the next year. This will set you up for the most successful start for when we all begin on January 30th.

I'm not quite sure if this is right for me?

Let’s see if I can help.
Here are some of the reasons missions: accepted might NOT be suitable for you:

If you are still not sure you are welcome to book a call with me to talk it through. I want you to feel completely confident that this programme is a good fit for you. Here’s the link to set up a meeting with me at a time that works for you.


At least five minutes each morning, and an hour or so a week to work on the exercises and demonstrate to yourself how important this is for you. And then there is the group coaching for an hour a fortnight. Once you have a mission, you might want to free up some extra time, because you will be so keen to get on with it!

The group coaching sessions are where we really work through your progress over the previous couple of weeks and explore any issues that might be coming up for you, so I’d encourage you to carve out that one hour a fortnight to invest in your future. It’s important to me that you feel able to speak freely in these sessions, so they will NOT be recorded. Please ensure you will generally be available every second Monday between 7.30pm and 8.30pm UK time if you want to get the most from this programme.

First we celebrate! Then we come up with some experiments you can do to test out your ideas. We develop a roadmap for the year ahead, and we start on the path. We’ll be there every step of the way to deal with the inevitable wobbles and to share the wins.

I can’t promise you anything. I can provide the tools, the tribe and my fierce support – but, as with everything, it’s the energy and commitment you put in that will determine whether you identify that mission and accept it.

I will be running the one hour group coaching each fortnight. Beyond that, if you feel you need more personal coaching, you will have access to 1-2-1 sessions at a discounted rate. I will also be hanging out in the Facebook and WhatsApp groups regularly and responding to any questions in there.

As a qualified transformational life coach, I have a wealth of exercises that I will be adding to the library each week for you to work through. I will be recommending books and podcasts along the way, and I have a large network of business and self-development professionals I can recommend for any specific issues that come up. I spend most of my waking hours exploring and trying out different ways to support women on this journey, so I have plenty of resources to offer you as and when you need them.

The reason I’ve decided to work with women like you is because of the work I have done with my 1-2-1 clients. Increasingly, I found women were coming to me because they felt something was missing and wanted to do something more impactful but didn’t know where to start. And while 1-2-1 coaching was helping them, I wanted to be able to offer more continual support, both from me and an uplifting community. This is why missions: accepted was born.

Sessions are on Zoom every second Monday evening,  from 7.30pm to 8.30pm UK time. From time to time I may need to cancel a session due to travel commitments or illness, but this is rare. We take some time off during the Christmas/New Year period.

It is designed for women, but if anyone who doesn’t identify as a woman wants to join they are welcome – as long as they understand and accept that the training is geared towards women and their specific needs at every level.

You will need a computer or phone that can access Zoom calls (free). You will need a Google Drive account (free) and you will need to be able to access the Facebook Group.

Accountability is a really important part of the programme. If you didn’t want some accountability, you probably wouldn’t need a group like this. Most of us do better at keeping the promises we make to ourselves if we also make them to someone else! But I know that at different times, people are looking for different levels of accountability. You can choose one of the three levels below and are free to change at any time. Just let me know.

Level 1: Non-negotiable – consistent and challenging check-ins, where I will be asking you to provide regular updates on how you are doing.
Level 2: Nurture – regular, gentle check-ins to ensure you stay close to the path you have decided on.
Level 3: Nudge – I will just check in with you now and again, to see if you are still on track or need any help to bring you back.

If missions: accepted is not a fit for you then there is a 30-day refund policy from January 30th, 2023.

Lifetime access means that for as long as I am running the programme, you will have access to it.

Are you ready to accept YOUR mission?