“The moment you see your challenges as a puzzle, and not a problem, you’ve found your way out,”

-Quincy Jones, record producer

I LOVE that quote, but puzzles can be hard work to do on your own.

You find yourself wrestling with the same piece over and over again, struggling to find a place for it, or forcing it
into a space where it doesn’t belong.

At other times, you just want to give up, and throw the whole thing away
because you don’t seem to be making any progress.

That’s when you need someone to hold up a piece you have overlooked and say:
“Is this the one you are looking for?”

Having a coach is like having a puzzle buddy.
The picture on the box is yours, but you’ll also have someone by your side to help
sort the pieces and give you a high-five as you put each one into place. 

Working together will go something like this...

  • We will be guided by the vision YOU have for YOUR future (Don't worry if you haven't figured that out yet, we can do it together!)
  • We will figure out the edges
  • We might arrange the pieces into piles
  • We will start experimenting - taking a piece and trying to find a spot for it. If it doesn't fit, we will put it aside until the right space appears
  • We will try different angles and pick up a new piece when it's not feeling right
  • And gradually the puzzle will take shape, the pieces will find their homes and the vision will become real!